Modular back-of-bridge system for passage planning and execution allows owners and operators to integrate a range of navigation functionality for the first time
Modular back-of-bridge system for passage planning and execution allows owners and operators to integrate a range of navigation functionality for the first time C-MAP has announced a powerful new version of its Integrated Maritime Suite (IMS) 2.0 – a flexible, streamlined tool for navigational planning and voyage execution.

The C-MAP IMS is established as the premier optimization and passage planning tool set for next generation shipping. Significant customer collaboration was included in the development of IMS 2.0, integrating C-MAP’s chart and publication management to further enhance bridge planning capability and drive efficient workflows.

C-MAP is at the forefront of electronic navigation technology, pioneering electronic charting technology, onboard graphical weather display software, and voyage optimization tools. IMS 2.0 brings a new level of integrated tools to the onboard planning station by combining modules for chart and publication management, weather, route planning, and route optimization into a single, powerful package.

“C-MAP has long assisted bridge teams during all stages of the passage, from appraisal and planning to execution and monitoring to ensure safe and cost-efficient transit while supporting the ship master with compliance,” said Captain Sujit Padhye, Routing Team Operations Manager for C-MAP. “This new release of IMS enhances these characteristics by integrating our chart and publication management tools so voyage optimization and navigation are available in a single application. C-MAP IMS 2.0 is mission ready for new era of back-of-bridge efficiency.”

The modular design of IMS 2.0 allows customers to subscribe to only the functionality they need, including:

• Digital and paper chart and publication management (including support for UKHO’s ADMIRALTY products such as AVCS, e-NP and other ADMIRALTY Digital Publications);
• Portfolio and data update management, ENC & portfolio updates and generation of voyage and passage reports;
• Route planning and weather viewing, with automatic ‘one-click’ weather routing;

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• Full voyage optimization based on the owner’s or operator’s commercial objectives such as on-time or earliest arrival, least cost or ordered speed, using a customized ship seakeeping and propulsion model.

This functionality is combined with multiple data layers, including weather layers, voyage planning and ports databases, C-Routes, ECA and risk zones to qualify decisions and control processes. Subscribers to C-MAP digital charts and publications will have the option to enjoy more planning functionality within IMS 2.0. Ships’ crews will appreciate how IMS improves their workflow, allowing them to stay focused on the most important tasks. Owners, operators, and charterers will benefit from optimized operation of their ships; from tools that allow simpler and more efficient and economical chart outfitting, to planning and executing the safest and most efficient voyages possible.